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It Takes a Village

The support you need, doulas you can trust

All doulas on my team are hand-picked; it's important to the success of Cape Cod Baby as a whole. I lovingly refer to them as "The A-Team", as they are the best of the best. 

Meet The Team

Cape Cod Baby
CCbaby Sweet Connolly Photography 027_edited.jpg

Felisha - Birth, Postpartum & Childbirth Education


Erin - Newborn Care Specialist, IVF Support

Shay - Birth, Postpartum
CCbaby Sweet Connolly Photography 169.jpg

Sheryl - Postpartum

Shirley - Birth, Postpartum, Photographer
Jen - Postpartum
Kendra - Birth, Postpartum, CLC
Sabrina - Birth, Postpartum, Placenta Encapsulation, Student Midwife
Monique - Postpartum
Kate - Postpartum
Kathleen - Birth, Postpartum
Mira - Postpartum, Lactation Educator
Rae-Anne - Postpartum
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