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Bereavement Care

A bereavement doula supports during any stage of birth. If you have suffered a miscarriage, gotten a fatal diagnosis or have been told your baby no longer has a heartbeat, bereavement support may be right for you. 

No one has miscarriage or stillbirth on their birth plan.



What happens when your birth plan changes? During these difficult times, you can rely on a compassionate professional who will be there for this birth, provide resources, and give you information about what to expect during the process. Every pregnancy loss is unique, but the support of your doula is always guaranteed. Your doula is on call for you 24/7. They will provide evidence-based information about the choices available in each situation. They will spend time with you before birth to address fears and explain what to expect during a birth process that may differ from your original plan. They will join you face-to-face during your labor (if you have one), support you through the birth process, facilitate communication between you and your care providers or family, assist with final services if needed, and stay by your side every step of the way. A bereavement doula is a trusted professional who is welcomed into a grieving family's space and helps guide them through loss.

Bereavement support for end of life care, loss of a loved one, NICU parents and continued grieving support is also available. 

Here are some local services that may be helpful to you and your family:

Support groups:


Fertility specialists:



Online loss support:


Local Hospitals:


Local funeral homes:

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