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Kind Words

I knew I would need extra support for the birth of my second child. My daughter was still young and my husband and I didn't have reliable support to care for her while I'd be in the hospital. I reached out to several doulas in the area and set up a meeting with Shannon. At our prenatal visit I liked Shannon right off the bat! During our visit she made it very clear that her support was judgement free and whatever I needed she would support me in. My anxiety was high when my doctor told me I would be going in for an induction the follwing day. That night my water broke on it's own and Shannon was on the phone immediately talking me through everything. The next morning when I was in active labor, I called Shannon and she came right away. I felt like I was a top priority. As soon as she got there she was ready with physical and emotional support. My son was born exactly as we had planned, everything about that day was perfect! Shannon stayed with me until I was comfortable and my son was settled. She continued with texts and phone calls throughout the next several days to check in. The hospital staff couldn't say enough nice things about Shannon, they thought we made a great team! Several people have questioned me about the cost of a doula, I questioned it at first too. I can tell you that Shannon was worth every penny, I believe without her my birth wouldn't have gone as planned. Shannon's passion for what she does shows and I would recommend her to anyone looking to hire a doula.   -Kayla Falmouth, Ma

As a first time mom I was anxious about labor and delivery. My husband and I did research and chose Shannon as our doula. Shannon exceeded all of our expectations  - she was supportive, extremely knowledgeable and helped us through a difficult delivery. I highly recommend Shannon to anyone who is looking for a doula to give them support and guidance through labor and delivery.   

- Lauren East Boston, Ma

Shannon and I were on the same wavelength, she was a pleasure to work with. She is so experienced and knew exactly what she was doing.   

- Valerie RN, BID Boston

It was amazing to have Shannon by my side during my labor. I honestly couldn't have done it without her guidance and expertise. She worked with me through my long labor and was key to helping me during pushing. My husband is wonderful and was a great support but no one could have replaced Shannon, she was there for both of us. The hospital staff loved her as much as we did! 

- Clara Plymouth, Ma 

Shannon cared for our newborn daughter while we were on vacation. We knew our daughter was in good hands every night and we were able to sleep soundly. Shannon took the time to talk to me about my birth and helped me process my feelings and let me know that I wasn't alone. She is a baby whisperer, we wanted to take her home with us once vacation was over! We highly recommend Shannon for anyone looking for postpartum doula care.

- Caroline Pocasset, Ma

Words cannot express my gratitude for the bereavement support Shannon gave us during my sons birth. She was exceptionally wonderful to both my husband and I. We will never forget the care she gave during the hardest time in our lives. 

- Dee Weymouth, Ma

My husband and I liked Shannon and felt comfortable with her right away. She made it clear that she is on our side, and was supportive and non-judge mental about our decisions. We also knew that she would go to bat for us with hospital staff if needed! When I went into labor at home Shannon stayed in contact with my husband via text for hours, until we wanted her to meet us at the hospital. My husband says he literally could not have done other without her guidance and support. She answered all of his questions and helped him help me. When we arrived at the hospital It was such a comfort to have Shannon by my side. Just her simple touch calmed me and helped me through delivery. She also gently reminded me of some of the things I told her I wanted from our prenatal appointment, and helped me and the staff implement them. She also spoke up to the medical staff to advocate for the type of birth we wanted. I especially loved our postpartum visit, where we could talk about the birth in a way we couldn’t do with anyone else.

—Jenn Onset, Ma

Shannon was just what I needed when trying for my VBAC with my second. I was carrying anxiety from my first birth and also a terminal diagnosis during pregnancy for one of my parents. Shannon's calming and supportive presence met me where I was at and provided a space in the room to honor the mixture of feelings I was having during my birth. She stepped in when she needed too, but knew when to step back and let moments be between my husband and I. My birth was beautiful and I felt supported and advocated for. I would use Shannon again in a heart beat if we are blessed with a third.

-Sarah Newton, Ma

I didn't know what to expect when I found out I was having twins. I was happy to have the Cape Cod Baby team there as part of my support system! They were there for me and my twins and helped me survive the first few months by providing night care. I felt very comfortable knowing my babies were bring cared for and more importantly loved by the girls. I would recommend them to anyone.

-Jenny Seekonk, Ma

Having the Cape Cod Baby team help us during our postpartum period was the best decision we've ever made. They were such a huge part of our success when we added to our little family. Implementing routines and showing us tips and tricks that we will continue with was a game changer. Everyone we worked with was so incredibly sweet and helpful, you can tell they love what they do! We will reach out again if we are blessed with another child. 

- Allison Marion, Ma

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