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Mother's Day

My first Mother's day was in 2012. My older son was only 11 months old and we were pregnant with our second. I loved everything about being a mom, the good, the bad and the ugly. I waited a long time to have children and I never took one second of it for granted. We went on a picnic for my first mother's day, it was perfect. Later that day I got to thinking about how others celebrated the day or was it a painful day for them?

So, I want to say Happy Mother's Day to my friends who have children in their life that they treat like their own. Happy Mother's Day to the moms who have children who live in their heart because they left this world too soon. Happy Mother's Day to the moms who have had to endure the heartbreak of burying a child. Happy Mother's Day to the moms who no longer have a relationship with their children. Happy Mother's Day to the moms who struggle with secondary infertility. Happy Mother's Day to the birth moms who were courageous enough to give their babies up for adoption. Happy Mother's Day to the adoptive moms who love their children with every ounce of their being. Happy Mother's Day to those who have a mom in heaven.

Mother's Day is something different to all of us. The moms that you feel like it might be tough to say Happy Mother's Day to probably need to hear it the most. This Sunday please remember the moms who could use a little extra love, a text, phone call or message could make their day.

I know I will be doing something simple & sweet with my boys, which is just as I like it. I hope you all enjoy your day, no matter what type of mom category you fall in.


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