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Remembering Landon

I'm going to talk about something that may be uncomfortable for many of you. It may be uncomfortable, but it is an important topic that often gets passed over. Stillbirth. No one plans for a miscarriage or a stillbirth when they make a birth plan, you are expecting a healthy pregnancy and labor. Unfortunately, not all pregnancies end in the the positive light that we hope.

Amy and Joe Loud of Sandwich, Massachusetts suffered the devastating loss of their son Landon last June 14th. After a healthy pregnancy and a routine visit to the doctor, Amy had to have an emergency c-section. Her beautiful baby boy was born sleeping. The Loud's have a 7 year old son named Lukas, who was at school during the birth of his brother. Everything happened so fast that Amy and Joe had Lukas picked up by his grandfather who spent the night with him.

Joe had to go the the house the next day to tell Lukas the heartbreaking news of this baby brother.

Nurses and doctors at Beth Israel Deaconess in Plymouth, Ma were wonderful. Amy felt comfortable staying in the maternity ward because everyone there knew her story. She didn't have to retell it over and over again, her husband on the other hand had to walk the halls when he left the room. People would instinctively ask questions like "are you a new dad?" intending no harm but causing pain just the same.

As grateful as Amy was for the staff, she was unaware that they didn't have the proper equipment to support a stillbirth. Equipment that gives you precious extra time with your baby, time you can never get back. As you can imagine, once Landon was born his physical appearance started to change quickly. Amy and Joe thought that they would have time to bond with their son, they soon learned that was not the case.

Since the loss of Landon, Amy and Joe have decided to help other families that are going or will go through this nightmare. They have raised money to purchase a Cuddle Cot which they donated to Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Plymouth, Ma. The Cuddle Cot keeps the baby cool to preserve the skin so families can spend time with their babies. Sadly, a week after donating the Cuddle Cot, it was used for another stillborn baby born at that hospital. They has since donated a second Cuddle Cot to a hospital in the Worcester area.

These contributions come from the purest place of love, and shared pain. Every baby who is born matters, every family who endures loss deserves time with their baby, Amy and Joe have given this gift to grieving families who need it most.

The Loud's have forever been changed, their lives were altered and they have struggled to find a new normal. So if you see Amy or Joe, don't be afraid to talk to them or ask how they are doing. Don't make them feel like they are unapproachable, let them feel your support and love. Most of all let them know that Landon's life mattered. On the eve of his 1st Birthday I want Amy and Joe to know that I see the pain & heartache. I also see the dedication to their sons memory that will live on forever and I applaud them for their strength.

Countless families will have more time to spend with their beautiful babies that are born sleeping because of the Loud family. I cannot think of a greater gift.

Happy 1st Birthday Landon xoxo

If you would like to donate to help secure another CuddleCot please do so at the link below.

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