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Postpartum doulas

Many of you may not know what a postpartum doula is. I know when I had my first son 6 years ago I had never heard of one. Postpartum doulas come in to your home to help you adjust to your new way of living once you bring home your baby. Our tasks can include breastfeeding or bottle feeding support, bathing guidance, sleep routines, overnight care, meal prep and more. We are there to help your home run smoothly. Many of us who have had children know how overwhelming it can get and we tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be perfect. The last thing we want is for you to have extra stress that can take away bonding time with your newborn.

How am I ever going

to get dinner

started and the laundry done?

We all love our babies, the thought that you are trying to give the responsibilities to someone else so you don't have to handle them never enters our mind. One of the most important things new parents need to remember is self care, you need to make sure your needs are met so you can meet the needs of your newborn. When we get an inquiry for postpartum care we like to ask questions on what type of tasks that you feel will be needed.

Every families needs are different, we can set up a schedule that is unique to each situation that addresses your concerns and helps put your mind at ease.

Your first few weeks home with a newborn can be hectic. Wondering if you'll ever have a good nights sleep again, take a relaxing shower and get through all of the laundry that has piled up. All of these concerns are common and can easily be taken care of with the help of a postpartum doula. We work with you to form a routine and give you advice about bathing, feeding, soothing and nurturing your newborn. We are also here to help you process your birth and lend an ear for fears or concerns you might be having. We not only want you to succeed in your new role, we want you to thrive.

If this sounds like something that will help you adjust to your new way of living after welcoming your baby or babies home please give us a call to set up a meeting.

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