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Holiday Madness

Like many families, we deal with the madness of the holidays trying to split our time so we see both sides of the family. My sister-in-law and I trade off years to host Thanksgiving. This year, dinner will be at my house. We have an open invitation to come for dinner, dessert, family football or just to pop in to say hi. It's important to me that our boys are surrounded by family and have a sense of togetherness.

My husband comes from a huge Greek family, Christmas is celebrated the week before. I am so appreciative of that we can have our children be with their cousins and ever growing family during this special time. We enjoy a huge meal that everyone contributes to, Christmas carols around the piano (we have some pretty impressive musicians in the family!), Yankee swap and gifts for the children. I love that we can relax on Christmas day and not have to rush off. Our boys can wake up, open presents and stay home and enjoy the day.

With all of this holiday celebrating comes chaos! I understand the stress all to well. Stress can ruin the holiday and I would never want that for my children. There is far too much to be thankful and grateful for to let stress take over. In years passed, I thought everything needed to be perfect. I've long since given up on perfection. I'd much rather be happy, if that means the house isn't spotless so be it. I hope you and your family have a wonderful stress-free holiday season!

Pro tip: Set an alarm on your phone for 10pm every night in December to remind you to move your elf!

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