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Don't let preparing for pregnancy stress your budget out!

Use These Savings Tips Instead

Preparing for your new baby can be a bit stressful. But you don’t have to stress about savings when you’re preparing yourself for parenthood. Armed with the following tips, you can squeeze more out of your new family budget throughout your pregnancy and even after your little one is born.

Shopping Major Retailers Can Help You Save on Maternity Wear

Maternity clothes present new moms-to-be with quite the conundrum. You will only be wearing these items for a few months, but you also want them to keep you comfy throughout your journey. Shopping secondhand can be a savings savvy option, but your options may be limited. So, if you decide to shop for brand new maternity wear, think about hitting up major retailers like Macy’s. Not only will retailers like Macy’s have a wider selection of casual and work-appropriate maternity clothing, they’re also more likely to have deeper in-store and online discounts. Stretch your budget further by combining in store sales with Macy's in store coupons.

Shopping Online Can Also Cut Costs on Your Postpartum Wardrobe

You may end up wearing some of those maternity clothes from Macy’s for a little while after giving birth. But chances are, you will find yourself in need of other post-pregnancy options. Namely, if you choose to nurse your child, you will need to pick up some decent nursing bras. Nursing bras can make feedings so much more convenient, and you can once again save money by looking for the best deals online. Because nursing bras are so in-demand, you may even be able to find bundled nursing bra offers that will help you save on your orders. To make the most of your new nursing bras, you’ll also need some nursing-friendly wardrobe options, such as tops and dresses. H&M and Old Navy are your best budget options, but definitely look for discounts to help you shop at other online retailers.

Taking a Babymoon Can Be Friendly for You, and Your Budget

You’re probably raising an eyebrow at this one. But when your baby does arrive, it will be increasingly difficult for you to find time for yourself or to spend with your partner. That’s why pre-baby vacations and getaways, also known as babymoons, are becoming more popular. Pick a destination that makes you happy, but keep logistics and costs in mind. Many parents find it more relaxing to opt for a babymoon staycation in town to avoid the added expense and tension of traveling. If a staycation sounds perfect to you, know that you will get the most out of your babymoon budget by finding vacation rentals in the Cape Cod area, rather than hotels. Not only are vacation rentals quieter and more convenient, but they also tend to have lower rates than many hotels. Plus you can save more money by cooking instead of dining out.

Getting Your Friends to Help Can Help You Save Even More

If you have friends who are offering to help, you can use that opportunity to trim your baby budget. The best way to offset baby expenses is with a baby shower, but it can be tricky to know how to get one planned without breaching etiquette. Since it’s not usually appropriate to throw your own, take your friends up on their offer to help. You can have an excited family member or a close friend put together a simple shower, which will help you stock up on some baby necessities. Have even more friends who are dying to help? That’s even better for your budget, and your sanity! Think about putting together a meal train to help your family stay fed after baby is born, and to help you save on grocery and food delivery costs.

So there you have it! There are so many simple and stress-free ways to prepare for pregnancy and save money while doing so. You just need to take a little extra time to search for the best deals and find online promo codes to help you save the most when picking up clothing and baby supplies.

Emily Graham - Mighty Moms

photo cred: Pixababy

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